Unused illustration for Google pitch. Client: Mixtape Club
LA Lakers Promo
Style frames for LA Lakers promo Client: State Design
Nike Pegasus
Concept design for Nike campaign Client: Roger
Nike Hypervenom
Concept design for Nike campaign Client: Buck
Lowes Family Characters
Character design for Lowes pitch Client: Hornet Inc.
Dodge History
Style frames for Dodge pitch Client: Psyop
Concept design for pitch Client: Buck
LG Explorer
Concept design for LG Client: The Mill
McDonald's Characters
Character Explorations for McDonald's pitch Client: Gentleman Scholar
Concept design for Lyric pitch Client: Hornet Inc.
Concept design for Toyota campaign Client: Hornet Inc.
Neon Leon
neon leon
Ecolo Blue Pitch
Concept design for pitch Client: Logan
Pigs character explorations for Georgia Lottery campaign Client: Transistor Studios
McDonald's Skyline
Environment collaboration for McDonald's campaign Client: Buck
Energy Drink
Character and concept design for an energy drink pitch. Client: Hornet Inc.
Character design for Reactine pitch Client: Hornet Inc.
Origin: The Unknown
Character and environment design for Origin campaign Client: Psyop
Fiber One
Character expression sheets for Fiber One campaign Client: The Mill
Telstra Nocturnal
Robot bats character explorations for a Telstra campaign Client: Buck
Modern Lifestyle Characters
Character design and asset creation for HP internal campaign Client: Double Shot Creative
Sound United Granny Character
Character design for Sound United Client: Brand New School
Concept design for Subway pitch Client: Spontaneous
Lava Bear
Environment explorations for Lava Bear brand treatment Client: The Mill
Concept design for Mopar pitch Client: Logan
Primus Environment Design
Wild Western environment design for Primus music video Client: Mixtape Club.
City of Possibilities Character Design
Character design for Norfolk Southern campaign Client: The Mill
Bunraku Title Sequence
Background design and asset creation Client: Hornet Inc Director: Guilherme Marcondes
Clash Royale
Character design for Clash Royale campaign Client: Psyop
Clash of Clans: Wizard
Room interior design for Clash of Clans campaign Client: Psyop
Clash of Clans: Magic
Character design and exploration for Clash of Clans campaign Client: Psyop
Nissan Mud Monster
Character design for pitch Client: Moving Picture Company
Going Up?